Minecraft Game for PC Download [ Minecraft APK Full Version 2018 ]

Minecraft Game for PC: Video games foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow. Play Minecraft by breaking and placing blocks.

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game which is designed to enhance the creative and building aspect in the 3D model. You can download the Minecraft free of charge, the free version has limited features and you cannot play it online.

Minecraft Game for PC

Minecraft Game for PC Download

In the World of Minecraft sun rises and sets as you go about your work, collecting material and making tools. There are a rain and the occasional lightning storm. The fans of the Minecraft have created many Minecraft style games but no one is approved by Mojang. They are usually free to play and can be played on the games site.

Minecraft can improve motor, skills, learning skills and creativity to your kids. Minecraft is a digital version of classic block building. Here we are going to mention the benefits of playing Minecraft on your children.

It is the common question asked by the players can I play Minecraft for Free. Yes, you can play this game for free of charge, but you have to play the demo version of the game. The demo version of the game comes with limited features it also lacks the ability for online.

Better Together Update for Minecraft
Recently Minecraft has launched it Better Together Update, in which players can play together irrespective which device they are using. Microsoft and developer Mojang released Better Together for mobile devices, virtual reality headsets, Xbox One and Windows 10.

Minecraft Game for PC Download

Step to Download the Minecraft on your PC

1. Open the Official website of Minecraft i.e. minecraft.net you will visit the home page.
2. Click the option download it is on the top-left side of the page. You will reach an account creation page.
3. Log into your account, by entering your email ID and Password. If you don’t have an account with Minecraft you can create a Minecraft account on this page.
4. on buy Minecraft option, the green button is in the middle of the page. You will be directed to the purchase page for Minecraft.
5. Select a payment type you can pay via debit/credit/online or PayPal.
6. Scroll down and enter the payment details such as card name, number, expiry date and security code.
7. Click Purchase it is at the bottom of the page.
8. Click Download for Windows or Download for Mac. Doing this will prompt the Minecraft setup file to download to your Pc, after this point you can start installing it.
9. Double-click the Minecraft setup instructions these instructions vary depending on the version of Minecraft you are installing.
10. Wait for the setup to finish. Once the setup finishes, you can open the Minecraft by double-clicking on it

How to play Minecraft

It is a useful article for the player who doesn’t start their Minecraft journey. We are going to provide a full guide how to start in a good way.

This guide focuses on the PC/MAC version of the Minecraft

Step to Download the Minecraft on your PC

Basic things about Minecraft

Create your own world
Choose single/multiplayer mode and options
If you want to play single or in multiplayer mode. In the single-player mode, obviously you play alone and in multiplayer mode, you play with another player across the Minecraft servers. The multiplayer mode will not be available to you if you have not paid for the Minecraft game. You need to set the options like which include sound, difficulty setting etc.

The difficulty setting determines whether or not hostile mobs (monsters) will show up at night or underground. These are specific to each world, so the difficulty setting on one world will be different to another. Beginners will prevent monsters from spawning because easy will give you a small spawn rate and the hard will massive one.

In the multiplayer version, you don’t need to create the world, you can choose someone else’s server. Visit the website planetmincraft.com to find the multiplayer server. If you want to play with your own friends it’s suggested to make your own server.

Select your game mode
If you are playing in a single mode, you need to create the world for your character to inhabit. When creating the world you will have to select the game mode. Because this will change how the world created by you will work. This system makes the game easy or hard to play. The modes are

Survival: To play in this mode you must have to familiar requirements of other games. Health, armor, oxygen, hunger, bars will appear. You will require collecting materials for crafting, through mining and other methods.

Creative: You will have unlimited access to material in the creative mode. You need to health and hunger will be gone. You can fly too.

Hardcore: This mode is same as survival except for hardcore permanently locks the created world into the hard difficulty.

The bonus chest option will offer a chest containing wood, food and tools. It is helpful for the new player.

Spectator: In this mode, you can fly through the floor to see the whole world.

Adventure: The correct tool will be required to harvest individual type of material through this mode.

Set Your World: It is helpful to allow you to control the world you are creating better.

Survive the First Night: It is the essential to all the players in survival mode on the difficulty setting. This information will not apply to the players who are playing on peaceful or creative mode.

Get to work: The most important thing is to survive the first night. The game goes through the day and night cycles and the monster appear at night. You will require building a shelter before the sunset in the game to protect yourself.

Collect material: You need to gather the material like wood that can be obtained from the trees. To collect the wood you need to hold the left mouse button to destroy the trees and get wood.

Create a crafting table: Build a crafting table with the word you collected.

Craft your tools: The tools like a pickaxe, shovel, an axe and sword.

Mine some Coal: Put some torches in your house, and hostile mobs will enter in your house.

Build a structure: Build a structure which is large enough such as the top of hill or mountain. Build a house like structure or you can dig yourself in a cave. A roof is not required as the spiders will not be able to enter into your house.

You must ensure that shelter has enough light to prevent hostile mobs from spawning inside the house.

Kill some sheep using sword: You will get wool by killing sheep collect the wool and using wood you can craft a bed.

Search Food: Once you survived the first night, you need to find some food. Going hungry makes weakens your health and make you easier to kill. Kill the animals to get the food. Otherwise, you can use apples of plant seeds to get wheat.

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How to play Minecraft Game online

Playing the Minecraft Game

RPG Style
After building the basic shelter, tools and survived the first night the rest game will be played as you want. RPG style goes around collecting and crafting better items and slowly work your way up to the end.

Sandbox Style
Here you use the material and environment to create cool environment and structures. The players have recreated cities from the game of Thornes.

Inventor Style
The game has mechanical aspects so the game is fun for budding inventors. You can find out how to build working elevators, cannons or anything in your mind with the use of red stone. Some players invented to build the working computer in the game.

In your own way
Some gamers know the better methods of playing the game. For example, if you are creative mind person it’s better to play in creative mode rather than Sandbox style.

How to defend yourself in Minecraft?
1. Get weapons to defend you from the monsters in the game. Use sword and stronger material weapons to defend yourself.
2. Craft your Armor it will protect you from damage while fighting the monsters.
3. Place torches as monsters cannot spawn in the areas with high enough light.
4. Check for the different Mobs, any creatures which move in the game. These can be good as well as can be hostile.

How to get the material and crafting objects
1. Search for the material underground like dirt, cobblestone, stone etc.
2. Search the material above the ground such as wood, sugar cane, wheat and seeds.
3. Material from creatures such as wool from sheep, eggs from chicken, milk from cows etc.

How to make fund with Minecraft?
1. Make a map or a compass to find you way around.
2. Breed animals and build a basic farm to get material to use or for trade.
3. Take a horse, dog or cat to keep as a pet.
4. Make yourself stronger, invisible or produce some other effects.

Playing the Minecraft Game 2018

Minecraft Game for PC Download

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