Minecraft Education Edition APK [ Child Should Play Minecraft? ]

Minecraft Education Edition APK is an educational version of the Minecraft game which is specially designed for classroom use. It is developed by the Mojang AB and Microsoft Studios and contained the features that are helpful in teaching all the subjects. Designed and shaped by the feedback from more than 120000 educators and students around the world with new features that the community suggested. The Education edition is valuable for enhancing the learning experience.

Minecraft Education Edition APK

Minecraft Education Edition APK

You will be surprised to know the Education Edition features interesting bits and pieces which you cannot find in the other versions of this game. The game is open world format of Minecraft is one that naturally promotes collaboration, creativity and problem-solving skills that are important to educators as well.

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Minecraft is used in more than 100 countries across the world for teaching and learning various subjects. The game is designed with endless possibilities.

New Features of Minecraft Education Edition

The developer Mojang announced that Minecraft education edition is getting new features. The education version of the popular open-world games is designed especially for classroom use will be gaining features given below.

Minecraft Education Edition APK

Code Builder
Educators and students can create, explore and play in the Minecraft world by writing code. The students can connect to popular learn-to-code platforms: Scratch, Code.org and Tynker. And a brand new source platform is Microsoft MakeCode.

The players start the game with their familiar Minecraft tools, tutorials and templates. The additional resources allow them to easily engage with design, create with computer science.

Command Blocks
Command Blocks will be a part of the upcoming Minecraft. The edition version 1.0.1 due later this spring. The update will also bring new features like additional languages, adventure mode, villager trading, concrete/terracotta blocks and IIamas.

Classroom Mode
The classroom mode has been updated with additional toggles to support teaching and learning. The updated version gives educators the additional toggles to manage chat and block that cause damage like lava and TNT, mobs and weather.

According to the Microsoft, this game is used in more than hundred countries in the world. The professional learning community created 30000 profiles and hundreds of educator-created lessons plans.

Why your child should play Minecraft?

Benefits of the Minecraft in the Classroom

Create the imaginations
The students are free to creating and pushing their imaginations to the limit. It makes them creative in ways not possible in the real world.

Problem-solving and encourages learning
The game let the student’s higher-level and critical thinking.

Social Game
Minecraft is a social game in this game students can rely on other players for help when they need. While working together is builds a positive classroom climate, facilitates teamwork and teaches the benefit of collaboration.

New Features of Minecraft Education Edition

How to Download Minecraft?

1. Visit the Minecraft Education Edition website http://education.minecraft.net/ and choose to get started.
2. Give your email ID
3. Select to get the app you will to take to the windows store for business here you can download the app.
4. You will get an email containing the instructions along the link to reach the store.
5. Use this email address to login into the store
6. Go through the service agreement accept the terms and click on next.
7. Choose the option Get the App when programs appear in the store.

How to Download Minecraft Education Edition through APK?
1. Download the APK file for Minecraft Education Edition on your device.
2. Now enable the option of Installing of App from unknown sources
3. Open the APK file of Minecraft Education Edition and just download on your device.
4. As the installation finishes the app will be ready to use

How Education edition differs from Standard Minecraft
All the concepts that made the original Minecraft like the building of worlds, value to teamwork and blocky graphics are present in this game. In this Edition set of tools meant for a classroom setting. The Education Edition deals with the various subjects such as Art, history, technology and science.

System Requirements to Download Minecraft Education
For Windows 10
1 GHz/32-bit/64-bit processor
16 GB/20 GB hard disk space

8.8 GB hard disk space

Why your child should play Minecraft?

In case your child spends long hours to play Minecraft, don’t worry it’s not the bad thing. We don’t recommend to play Minecraft whole day but your child gets the benefit from playing for 30 minutes each night. This game is targeted for the kids between 9 and 15 years it is a simple building-blocks game. It helps to improve the social skills and grades of your kid. The benefits of playing Minecraft to your kids.

Helps to improve their Academics
While playing this game you child develop and improve visual perception of objects. I improve the thinking and problem-solving skills of your child can answer science and math problems in most effective manner. Your child who plays Minecraft takes less time to solve the problems as compared to the child who doesn’t play this game. The less time to solve the problems simply means more time to play!

Boosts creativity in them
As the players use imaginations to build castles, tree houses and homes that could exist in the imaginary world. The game offers a creative mode option for the player whose main passion is to create well.

Encourages kids to set and finish goal
Minecraft game has no a specific goal like crossing the finish line or rescue the princess etc. In this game, a player has to identify their goal, develop a plan and to achieve it. Here the player is self-motivated to accomplish it. It builds the self-regulation skills within your child, and your child is able to complete the tasks without constant reminders and help.

Math as fun
Minecraft increases the geometry skills of your kid like drawing a line. And different shapes and space that helps to make the subject easy to understand.

Increases the Confidence
We often tell our kids that they aren’t big enough, smart enough for the certain tasks. But Minecraft proves that kids are skilled as successful adults. Due to the open world format kids can easily control the game.

Learns Resource Management
By playing Minecraft children began to start calculating the cost of their resources. For example, wood can be acquired faster to use an axe rather than hand. Here the child learns the economics of labor and resources as they seek to craft the thousands of recipes used in the Minecraft.

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Benefits of the Minecraft in the Classroom

Frequently asked question about Minecraft Education Edition?

Do I need a license to play the Minecraft Education Edition?
Yes, all users of Minecraft Education Edition will require an Office 365 Education account to play this game.

Who is eligible to buy Minecraft Education Edition?
An affiliated school, library, museum and participants in nationally recognized home-school organizations. Read the eligibility criteria in details on our official website.

Can I buy Minecraft if am a parent, a student or an individual consumer buy this Edition?
A person which is not affiliated with an academic institute is not able to buy Minecraft Education Edition. But other versions of Minecraft are available for PC/MAC/Windows/iOS and our website educator resources are free of cost for all.

What is Classroom Mode how I can use it?
Classroom Mode helps the educators to manage world setting, communicate with students, teleport students in Minecraft world etc.

How does Code Connection work in Minecraft Education Edition?
The Code Connection released on 22nd May 2017 allows the educators and students to create, play and explore in an immersive Minecraft world all by writing code.

Where do I go for my queries regarding Education Edition?
The basic troubleshooting page is created for the queries of users. On this page, you can find the technical question of educators. That’s All Minecraft Education Edition APK.

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