Minecraft April Fools 2019 [ Best Prank for Kids and Adult ]

Minecraft April Fools: Does a lazy fool’s day mean some Minecraft time to you? Many game players know about this entertaining Minecraft game of placing blocks and going on entertaining adventures.

Minecraft allows you to create, explore and survive in the game alone or with friends on different devices. Creative mode comes with unlimited resources such as crafting weapons, survival mode and armoring to fend off threatening mobs.

Minecraft April Fools 2019

Minecraft April Fools 2019 [ Best Prank for Kids and Adult ]

April Fools is almost here, and Minecraft development team, as always, will not be left behind in pranking its fans with the various annoying versions and horrible graphic textures for the specific day.

Minecraft Features that Allow for April Fool’s Nitwit

Minecraft comes with unique skins, many maps and varied texture packs in different versions from the creators. Minecraft realms lets you create your own always-online Minecraft world.

Its slash commands aid in tweaking how the game plays. A player can summon mobs, change the time of the day, give items away, amongst many other options.

Minecraft avails the cats and pandas for free. In the newest version, pandas can spawn in the jungle and curious stray cats, besides being lovable pets, act as scarecrows for dreaded Phantoms.

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Minecraft’s focuses to allow the player to explore, interact with and modify a dynamically-generated map composed of cubic blocks. Its environmental features such as mobs, plants and items favor the game activities of fighting hostile mobs, mining for ores and crafting new blocks or tools make the game more enjoyable.

The game’s open-ended model supports player’s creation of structures and artwork on varied multilayer servers or single player maps.

Minecraft has had various editions with Java, Bedrock, Education and Play station 4 being the most common while New Nintendo 3DS, China Version and Raspberry Pi have also registered reliance from many customers.

Expected Responses

Minecraft’s support of changing the game’s texture, sounds and text through its resource packs has proved fundamental to fooling its players.

April Fools 2018 update changed Minecraft into Rocraft in the pretext that Mojang have changed ownership of Minecraft to ROBLOX. This came with great effects on the games graphic texture.

Many users found the poor game textures unappealing. Some players even thought that installation of new version could aid in clearing the awful features; that the initial version had corrupted their preciously crafted worlds. Both those who thought that it was the official textures for Minecraft and the few who understood that it was April Fool’s Day were left angry. Literally, they could not play Minecraft. They termed it a ‘bad joke’.

This year, many players may struggle with weird thoughts and attempts to clear the anticipated mess only to later realize that it is Minecraft April Fool’s 2019. This, to some players, especially kids and teens, could be frustrating and angering to the point of letting out tears. The effect of this mean trick on Minecraft players may only depend on the magnitude of its influence on their emotions.

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Although many players do not find it funny when they are frustrated by what should ease their pleasurable time, we cannot expect less of 2019.

It still remains to be seen what the administration has in store for Minecraft April Fools 2019.

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