How To Play Minecraft Game? [ Step By Step Guide! 2018 ]

How To Play Minecraft Game: Minecraft is an impressive Minecraft game which can be played in your browser without paying something. The rating of Minecraft game is 8.8 out of 10 by 3422 players. This game has received 300786 plays.

If you like the games like Zelda and Minecraft then this game is definitely you will like to play.

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Minecraft is a 2D top-down action game is designed by Markus Persson the creator of Minecraft. Minecraft is released on 19th December 2011. Minecraft is built with flash technology to work in most of the browsers.

How To Play Minecraft Game

Minecraft is a game for android and another platform that copies the popular game Minecraft. The game follows a universe where a player has a sword and can construct various buildings. Here a player has to deal with different enemies which are similar to creepers. It has features of robots.

In this game as a player, you will enjoy wandering around and fight monsters while looking for resources you can use to build craft stuff later. Here’s a lot to discover in the game and it offers itself well to people who like a sandbox type approach to gaming.

Benefits of Minecraft Game

Zelda Comparison: The best thing about this game is similar to Zelda game. If you are a big fan of Minecraft and construction type of games you definitely like this game. It is a game that has more of an adventure element like Zelda.

Cool Controls: The second advantage of this game is the fact that it’s simple to pick up. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to learn it. It is inbuilt so you can get right to playing around.

Study: If you like some element of study in the game, then this game is perfect here you will learn a plenty to explore. Minecraft recombines a lot and you can choose where you want to move as you round out your understanding of the world in a particular direction.

Benefits of Minecraft Game

History of the Minecraft

The interesting fact of this game is developed in 48 hours after hearing the theme of the contest. The theme was alone and the idea of killing the last living person and the Air Wizard was created.

After the Ludum Dare, Minecraft extended massive press. Notch released the source code under Ludum Dares rules, but without of license. Instead, he asked the players’ mode the game call it something else.

After the weeks that followed many quick mods come out for this game. But seeing that Notch had moved to the other projects, and PlayMinecraft come into the world of games. Shylor launched PlayMinecraft with a hope to keep the small community alive.

The game site has now been upgraded to version 3 over the years, with a hope that a large community will continue to enjoy the game. Notch has since walked out of the attention, but the game and source code can be, pulled by you.

How To Play Minecraft Game

How to play Minecraft?

To play this game your goal is to defeat the evil Air Wizard high above. To defeat him you need to adventure deep into caves to find resources, craft items and build your store.
1. Create the world
First of all, you need to create the world it is randomly generated. So you need to try again to find a better opening. You can use WADS or the arrow keys for the movement. Space, enter, Z or C, X, Z works in Minecraft.
2. Collect the Wood
Initially, you need to collect the wood. You need to head up to a tree and hit with the help of space or C. Hitting the tree quickly is not always the best option because it can use up all your energy quickly. It is suggested to wait a second between the hits.
3. Design a Workbench
After getting the wood you can put your work bench down by pressing Enter/X and use the arrows to highlight it. After that select Space or C to prepare it, you can see it is furnished in the black bar at the bottom. And the work table should be over your head.
4. More crafting techniques
You can place the workbench down by hitting Space/C. Move up to the work table and hit Enter/X to see the crafting menu. Use the Z menu to find more crafting recipes that might not be found on the crafting table.

How to play Minecraft?
5. Build houses
You can build a house by using the Spade to dig a hole. The crates and place planks into these holes. Now you can put board walls and doors on the planks in the ground. It’s an excellent way to build a safe base.
6. Be safe
The night will arrive soon, so be prepare with your base setup. The first day the evil creatures will not come to you, but after that, you will have them waiting around.
7. Find the resources
Check for the resources you need to craft the items and upgrade your kit. You can punch the rock, but it’s good to make a wood pick. As you are mining rock for stairs heading down. As you are mining rock, look for the stairs heading down. That’s the way into the caves.
8. Safe Paths
Caves are hard so the creature gets tougher. Use your labor to dig around the stairs, creatures don’t like the holes and will not cross them. It is a tricky option for safe paths. The first layer of cave is iron, it seems like spiky rocks. You can look for the more stairs down in the iron cave. The next layer down is gold and gold is better than the iron. The next level is diamond.
9. Break Special Rocks
If you feel blessed you can try to go down into the prisons below that. With the help of a diamond pick, you are set to open the mountain and take the stairs up to the clouds. The mountain is a four-sided around stairways heading up on the level with the trees. The special rocks can be broken only with a diamond pick.
10. Search the Clouds
Look for the clouds and for Air Wizard. It is a tough boss with strong assaults and skills. Beat him and be a winner, or explore the prisons deep underground for more prizes.

How To Play Minecraft Game

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Be sure to share your experience of this game with your friends and family. They can take on the air wizard and save day!

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