How To Make Fence in Minecraft [Step By Step Guide]

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How To Make Fence in Minecraft: To ensure your safety in the Minecraft you need a fence. Of course, a fence helps to protect your hard work in the Minecraft. The Fence protects you Minecraft structure and farm and also helps to keep your animals inside.

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The main purpose to use a fence is to keep the animals in and mobs out. The fence technically takes up only 1 block space but works as 1 ½ spaces tall to prevent you from mobs from jumping over them. Proper lightning inside the fence area limit the mob attacks.

In the presence of fence, you can farm the animals effectively. Fences are guardrails along bridges and balconies you can fish over them. You can see through the fences like a glass but the mobs cannot see in.

Fences are very useful in underwater construction, as they are not full solid block. So you can use them to create air pockets without the water dripping in. It is useful in creating a water elevator, waterproof door and fence walls.

How To Make Fence in Minecraft [Step By Step Guide]

Types of Fences You Can Make in Minecraft

1. Oak Fence

2. Spruce Fence

3. Birch Fence

4. Jungle Fence

5. Dark Oak Fence

6. Acacia Fence

7. Nether Brick Fence

You need different items that you require to collect before you can build a fence. Let check how to make the fence in Minecraft. Before we start, let me tell you the intergradient required to make the fence.

1. Oak Fence: 2 sticks and 4 Oak Wood Planks.

2. Spruce Fence: 2 Sticks and 4 Spruce Wood Planks.

3. Birch Fence: 2 Sticks and 4 Birch Wood Planks.

4. Jungle Fence: 2 Sticks and 4 Jungle Wood Planks.

5. Dark Oak Fence: 2 Sticks and 4 Dark Oak Wood Planks

6. Acacia Fence: 2 Sticks and 4 Acacia Wood Planks.

7. Nether Brick Fence: 6 blocks of Nether Brick.

Steps To Make Fence in Minecraft

1. First of all, you need to collect the intergradient which type of fence you want to make. You need to find a different kind of trees.

2. After collecting the required material and add them to your hotbar, now find the open area to build a fence.

3. Select the fence item in the hotbar. Place enough oak fence to make one side of your fence. The controls to place the fence depends on the version of Minecraft.

Making a Fence Gate

A fence gate works as a door and always opens away from you. It must be placed on a block but remains if the block is later mined away. The door protects the flow of water and lava even when open.

Moreover, zombies cannot break through a fence gate and villagers cannot open the door. The fence gates can be manipulated through Redstone such as pressure plates. You can make the fence gate in the Minecraft.

1. Oak Fence Gate: The material required is 4 sticks and 2 Oak Wood Planks.

2. Spruce Fence Gate: The material required is 4 sticks and 2 Spruce Wood Planks.

3. Birch Fence Gate: You need 4 sticks and 2 Birchwood Planks.

4. Jungle Fence Gate: Get 4 sticks and 2 Jungle Wood Planks.

5. Dark Oak Fence Gate: Take 4 sticks and 2 Dark Oak Wood Planks.

6. Acacia Fence Gate: Get 4 sticks and 2 Acacia Wood Planks.

Thus Minecraft is a creative game while making fence you can learn to engineer with the material. This creativity helps you to make a craftsmanship and to inspire you if you are planning for a new project. Steps To Make Fence in Minecraft.

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