How To Make A Saddle in Minecraft [Step By Step Guide]

How To Make A Saddle in Minecraft: Saddle in Minecraft is an item that allows you to ride pigs, horses, donkeys and mules after they are saddled. You can find a saddle in Villages, Strongholds, Dungeons, Desert Temples, Nether Fortress Chests and Jungle Temples or as a treasure item when fishing.

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Saddles were added to the Minecraft as on 25th June 2010. You can find the saddles in dungeon chests or can buy in a trade with villagers. Saddles cane caught as a treasure from fishing as they cannot be crafted.

Unlike the other items in Minecraft, you cannot create a saddle, what you do if you need a saddle. You need to find it, if you are well-equipped, you can find the saddles in the various chests in dungeons and temples.

If you have sufficient money to trade with the villagers for emeralds can net you a saddle as a trade offer. Passionate fishers have a small chance of getting a saddle. If you need a saddle immediately, then follow simple cheats can provide one in an instant.

How To Make A Saddle in Minecraft

How To Make A Saddle in Minecraft

Search a saddle in chests

Saddles cannot be crafted, so it’s the best way to get one it to open every chest you come across. Saddles have a fewer chance of appearing in most chests that you get.

Look for the chests when you are on adventures

You can use as it is one of the best methods to find one the open every chest you come across. Saddles have a fewer chance of appearing in most chests that you get. To get is chest is a matter of luck while on adventures.

Find a Dungeon

Dungeons have a great chances where you will get a saddle in the dungeons sprinkled throughout your world. Chests in dungeons contain a 54% chance of spawning a saddle as loot. You will know in a dungeon by mossy+ cobblestone, stone walls, ceilings and floors. They have a zombie, skeleton or spider spawner and one or two chests. There is a good chance that you will get a saddle with chests as you can get a saddle from anyone of them.

Head to the Nether and locate a Nether fortress

There are higher chances to get the saddles in the Nether fortresses of spawning in chests. To access the Nether you require to build a Nether portal frame using obsidian blocks. See and make a Nether Portal in Minecraft for detailed instructions. The Nether is a dangerous place, you must be sure to bring strong gear and lots of supplies.

Located a desert temple

This structure appears in the desert biome, and the floor of the temple structure will be at Y: 64 always. It means that the temple may be completely or partially covered by sand. When you find the temple, search for the blue clay block in the center of the floor. When you dig it out you will get the secret chamber containing four chests. Each of the chests has a 15% chance of spawning a saddle, but the chances will go up to 24% in 1.9.

Search for a village blacksmith

Villagers have fair chances of spawning a blacksmith as a blacksmith have a chest in their building. There will be 16% chances to find a saddle inside it.

Trading for saddle

If you are playing the computer or console versions of Minecraft, you can get the trade items for emerlands. As you complete the available trades, you will get the additional trade opportunities.

Fishing for a Saddle

You need to keep an eye out for saddles while fishing. However, the chances are lower to get a saddle while you are fishing. So you don’t want to use this method to obtain a saddle. You can use any of the above methods to get Saddle in Minecraft as you cannot create a saddle in the game. How To Make A Saddle in Minecraft

How To Make A Saddle in Minecraft [Step By Step Guide]
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