How To Make A Minecraft Server [ Step By Step Guide ]

How To Make A Minecraft Server: Servers play an important role in digital gaming when it comes to online play. Many games connect to a central server which develops the communication among the remote players, enable the game-playing across the long distance.

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Minecraft is a game full of creativity i.e. all about building a world for exploration and even for survival. Sharing your world with others is a staple of the Minecraft, and you can use our virtualized server to accomplish that.

Playing Minecraft gives you the infinite features of your play. If you create a Minecraft world on your server, you can play from it without any limits and also invite all your friends to play with you.

How to make a Minecraft server

How To Make A Minecraft Server

Choose your rules

If you are running the server of Minecraft it means you are running the game. You have the option to choose the rules of the world and design it to your heart’s content. As you are the sole administrator you can assign, deny, control spawn rates, landscapes physics etc. Running the game on your server makes the world-building experience all yours, and let the other players share in your creation.

Get new friends and grow your community

As you create your Minecraft world, you will get friends, fans and curious, anonymous players partaking in your adventure. With the help of your server, you can build a personal community or you can serve the pre-established community and help them grow. Grow your player base by inviting the new friends and share footage of it online. It has become a personal place for you and your friends.

How To Make A Minecraft Server

Control the mods to run

Once you run the Minecraft on your server, you can control which mods to run. When the various alternative mods are available you can set up a full environment where you can test and implement the same. These modifications change the complete way the game was originally programmed and allow your server to run with the features which are not originally implemented. The more you enter into the modding community, you can see yourself writing our custom modifications for the Minecraft.

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Your personal Linux computer

Starting your own server means starting your personal Linux computer. With the help of Linode, you can spin up a server in seconds, deploy and distribute your wish.

Get new friends and grow your community

How To Make A Minecraft Server – Step By Step

1. Visit the official website of Minecraft website welcome screen pops up. Click the option download it here link under Steve, not buy now.

2. Click on minecraft_server 1.8.1.exe on the first line under the Multiplayer Server.

3. Once the download finishes open the folder you can move it to where you like to keep your Minecraft server files and double click the Minecraft server dirt block icon and click run, the two more icon will be available on your desktop.

4. Double click the EULA file the full form of EULA is End User License Agreement. Search for the Eula =false at the bottom of the document and switch the false to true & wait for a while, reopen the Minecraft Server program. The new icon will appear where the Minecraft Server is located.

How To Make A Minecraft Server

5. Open the command prompt, here you will see a black window. Type here ipconfig into CMD, scroll down and look at the IPv the number available here is your IP address note it down.

6. Your Minecraft server is set up now, to make it more fun you can modify the properties.

7. Open the Minecraft server and minimize it, open the game and click multiplayer and go to the add server button. Here you require typing your IP address to be typed in numbers you wrote down. Once you did all you need to do is to click the box states A Minecraft Server.

Create Minecraft Game Server

How to make a Minecraft server

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