How To Make A Cake in Minecraft [ Step By Step Guide ]

How To Make A Cake in Minecraft: The cake is one the my favourite food items that you can make in the Minecraft. As you are here to know that how to make a Minecraft cake. It will need some assembly and little patience. You don’t know how difficult it is to make a cake cube unless to try it.

If you are creative like me, than Minecraft game is for you, which you will surely enjoy an infinite number of blocks to build with. With the creative mode, you can create modes to destroy all blocks instantly.

The Minecraft cake stands ¼ lower than a regular block. This cake has white icing with red cherry topping on it. It’s quite easy to craft a Minecraft for experienced players. It restores 1 hunger bar per use and has a total amount of 6 uses.

The best thing is the cake doesn’t drop when broken. You can eat the cake only by clicking on it whilst it is placed. As of Minecraft 1.8, if one places a Redstone Comparator next to the cake, you can get up to Redstone PL, 2 for each slice. It is used on 1.8 maps and minigames and trolling on multiplayer with TNT.

How To Make A Cake in Minecraft

How To Make A Cake in Minecraft

1. Collect the ingredients

For a cake you need 3 wheat, 1 egg, 3 milks and 2 sugars. Now learn how to make ready all these items.

A) How to get wheat?

This works as flour for the cake. You can get the wheat be farmed or it can be found in dungeon chests.

B) How to get an egg?

The eggs are laid by the chickens, the chickens can be found in the wilderness. You can chickens if you capture them inside a fence.

C) How to get milk?

Ready three buckets of milk, to get the milk click the cow while your character is holding a bucket.

D) How to get the sugar?

Sugar is made from sugarcane and that can only be eaten when used as an ingredient in a recipe.

How To Make A Cake in Minecraft [ Step By Step Guide ]

2. Crafting a cake

Put all the intergradient into the crafting grid you need to follow the pattern given below:

1. Put three buckets of milk across the top three slots.
2. Place the egg in the center slot
3. Put one sugar to the left and one to the right slot.
4. Put the wheat in the balance three bottom slot of the grid.

To remove your inventory, drag or shift click. The three empty milk buckets will also be returned to your inventory automatically.

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3. Eat your cake

  • Each block of the cake contains six slices of the cake.
  • Put the cake block down on another block as you cannot eat the cake by holding the block. You cannot place a cake where you are not able to make.
  • Right click the cake to eat a slice of it. You can also share this cake with other players if you want to do the same. As you have six slices in each cake block.

How To Make A Cake in Minecraft [ Step By Step Guide ]

The Supported Platforms: How To Make A Cake in Minecraft

01. A cake is available in the following versions of Minecraft
02. PC and MAC
03. Pocket Edition
04. PS3
05. PS4
06. Xbox360
07. Xbox One
08. Windows 10 Edition
09. Wii U
10. Nintendo Switch
11. Education Edition (EDU)

The Supported Platforms: How To Make A Cake in Minecraft

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