How To Install Minecraft Mods Windows PC with Forge [Updated]

How To Install Minecraft Mods: Mods are the shorter form of modification that means anything that changes the Minecraft game’s content what it originally was. You can change the Minecraft’s mods in endless ways. The players change the mods of Minecraft so that its objects look different.

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Basically mod is a client-side modification to the Minecraft.jar executable file. Remember the mods of Minecraft are created by players, not by Mojang (creator of Minecraft) so they are not the official part of the game.

The mods of Minecraft alter gameplay, add content, and provide more option to play the same. It provides various options to interact with the Minecraft world. The people who create mods for the Minecraft are known as modders.

They use Minecraft Coder pack and either Minecraft or ModLoader to do it. The various mods of the Minecraft have different options such as bigger expansion, more setting, graphics, and options for optimized speed or gameplay for the game.

The main purpose of Server mods or plugins is to give server admins more options and easy to use the Minecraft. The most mods for single-player have a server version that optimizes the mod in multiplayer.

You can add new items, blocks, mobs and mechanics into the game. In case a server has certain mods, all players must have the same mods to connect the Minecraft game.

As Minecraft doesn’t provide any mods officially, so you need to use the unofficial tools to download the same. I found some easy tips to install the Minecraft mods after doing a bit of research. That I am sharing in this article.

How To Install Minecraft Mods

How To Install Minecraft Mods

Minecraft mods need to be installed manually so you need to open the original files that are minecraft.jar, copy the folder called META-INF. Minecraft Forge is an add-on that was added to Minecraft, make it possible to install and create all kinds of mods. It is updated on regular basis so you need not modify the original files.

Create Backup

Before you start anything, make a backup of your Minecraft worlds. For that, you just open the explorer and type % appdata% and press enter. After that, you go to/Roaming/Minecraft/saves.

A folder with sub-folders of your worlds of Minecraft will open. Copy all the data to another folder, unfortunately, if something goes wrong, at least you can copy them back in your original folder.

How To Install Minecraft Mods Full Version

Download and Install the latest version of Minecraft Forge

Download the latest version of Minecraft Forge in your device. Once you finish the download, double-click to open and start the installation. The screen will show Install Client option selected keep it selected and click ok.
Verify the installation is successful or not, open Minecraft, select the Forge profile and launch the game.

Download and install mods

Some mods might be obsolete, can’t work, and contain viruses or malware. Whereas some might be not compatible with other mods. If you download the mods for Forge you can avoid all these problems.

Note: Use wiki list, PlanetMinecraft and ResourcePack sites to download the mods. The resource packages are in RAR, ZIP or JAR format.

Download and Install the latest version of Minecraft Forge

Copy the files in the mods/folder

Press windows +R to open the Run window on your computer type % AppData% and press the enter key. Double click on Roaming and after that on .minecraft. Here you will see the mods folder.

Copy the files which you have downloaded in the mods folder. After you open Minecraft again Forge will inspect the folder for any changes.

Open the Resource Packs through the Options in the Minecraft menu. Some mods need specific packages.

Now it’s the time to play the Minecraft and enjoy the mods of Minecraft. Don’t forget to read the instructions that come with them. They might be found at mod’s original website or included in the text files.

Tips: Be careful while downloading the mods, make sure that download them from the original source to minimize the risk of viruses and malware. Be careful with running anything you download on your device.

Download and Install Mods Minecraft Forge

How To Install Minecraft Mods

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Don’t panic if something goes wrong, one of the best thing about this game is its profile. Whatever happens on each profile doesn’t harm the rest. So you have a profile with Forge along another independent one. In any case, the Forge profile is corrupted, you can easily create another one.

How To Install Minecraft Mods

You can use other mode installers and managers like ModLoader and Bukkit, as they are very popular. But the easiest and reliable method that I recommend is Forge.

How To Downlaod and Install Minecraft Mods

How To Install Minecraft Mods

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