How To Change Your Minecraft Name [Step By Step Guide]

How To Change Your Minecraft Name: Looking for how to change the Minecraft’s name? Yes the right place you visited, the only thing you need is a Mojang account. Mojang has made it possible for its players to change their username with effect from 4th February 2015.

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You can change the spelling and capitalization of your username. It’s free to change your name but you have to wait 30 days if you want to change it again.

As the Minecraft names are unique so you can’t choose the name which already exists or in use. Even you cannot get your older name of Minecraft, you can get the older name after 37 days of switching.

In the earlier years of Minecraft, it was possible for a player to register a username before he/she actually bought the game. The username will soon be deleted from the Mojang’s system so the paying customer can take them up.

How To Change Your Minecraft Name [Step By Step Guide]

How To Change Your Minecraft Name [Step By Step Guide]

Be sure that you have the access to your older unpaid Minecraft account. You will require access to the registered email address for the same. If you can’t access the username contact the customer support by providing your email id or the physical registration location. So that you can set it to new email address.

If you have not still registered a Mojang account at According to Mojang, you can’t register more than one Minecraft username.

Buy Minecraft with a gift code from or via a Minecraft prepaid card from a retail store. The old username can only be upgraded with gift codes or prepaid card from a retail store. Old usernames can only be upgraded with gift codes or prepaid cards.

When you are redeeming your prepaid card or gift code at, you will get an option to import an old username.

The changing of the name doesn’t affect the other parts of your account. In case if you are banned from the server then you will stay banned. You will retain whitelist and op status on servers along with your pets, stats and inventory.

The name changes work fine with the game’s many mods. But the Mojang is not responsible for any issues that arise due to name change.

If you are renewing a VIP subscription use the account name you originally signed up with. Not the new one if you have changed it.

How To Change Your Minecraft Name [Step By Step Guide]

1. Visit your Mojang account page.
2. Click the Change link next to your Minecraft name
3. Select your name

If you have an old Minecraft account you need to migrate before you can perform the change. You need to visit the link and read the information. Then fill the required information and migrate your account by accepting terms and conditions and Minecraft end user license agreement.

Requirements To Create A Username: To create a username you need to consist 3-16 characters without giving any space. You can use the A-Z (upper and lower case). The numbers from 0-9 and you can use _ (underscore). You can’t create a username with less than three characters.

Article is helpful to change the username of your Minecraft. If you have an existing account with Minecraft then you can migrate to your account to Mojang account easily.

How To Change Your Minecraft Name [Step By Step Guide]
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