How To Change Minecraft Skin? [ Step By Step Guide ]

How To Change Minecraft Skin?: Minecraft is one of the popular game developed by Mojang contains lots of features. Minecraft provides infinite abilities to change or customize your character, no matter what your interest is. You can provide an attractive look to your character for making a separate identity among your friends.

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You can look at yourself by pressing the F5 key and see your character. Pressing F5 again you can change the view, where you can see our character up close. No doubt the default skin of your character is decent but you will feed up to see the same on regular basis.

How To Change Minecraft Skin

How To Change Minecraft Skin?

Minecraft has provided over 15 skins through which you can apply those skins on the Avatar easily. You must choose the skin that looks attractive all of them. If you are interested in those skins then you need to get the help from external sources. With the recent updates, you can quickly change your skin to one of the several featured skins in the game. It can be done very easily with the help of Skin Chooser feature.

How To Change Minecraft Skin After Downloading it?

No doubt! You will find unlimited options to select the Skin through the Skin Chooser feature. You will get a large number of alternatives available around the Web, almost all the created and shared by dedicated Minecraft players. The process to find and download new Minecraft Skins through the Web is a little hard, but if you follow the step given below you can do it very easily.

How To Change Minecraft Skin?

Download the new skins

Minecraft skins are available in a very small images PNG format. It actually looks like unassembled paper dolls. The Minecraft skins are available on website Skindex or MinecraftSkins. You can save the skin anywhere you want but the important point is you must remember the name of the file. It is the easiest way to organize your collection.

Login to Mojang

Once you finalized the Minecraft’s skin, you need to visit your profile on the official Minecraft website. Log in with your Mojang account and click on Profile and log in.

How To Change Minecraft Skin After Downloading it?

Upload your skin from the profile page

Once you are on the profile page you need to click the Browse button and wait until you find your skin. As you find the selected skin, press Upload and wait for the confirmation message.

Enter Minecraft and try the skin you selected

Now you need to log into Minecraft, in case if you are already in the game, leave and enter again. Just load up a world and press F5 to see your skin, you will see the change. If you select a horrible skin the monsters will run away from you.

Customize your skin

The update to Minecraft 1.8 skins is able to use separate items like coats, jackets or hats without the use of any mods.
The top recommended websites to find the creative Minecraft are Skindex and NameMC.

Download the New Skins for Minecraft


You can find the Skindex located at is the most popular Minecraft skin repository on the Web. With the help of user voting system, you can identify the top skins on the site and the latest list shows the most recent skins submitted.

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Upload Your Skin from the Profile Page Minecraft


This system was not originally start out as a skin repository. It was started to update the list of soon-to-expire Minecraft names. If you want to change the Minecraft user name NameMc will provide the list of name which are about to become available. NameMc also provide gallery of the latest Minecraft skins for viewing and downloading. How To Change Minecraft Skin

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